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Many personal injury lawyers attempt to attract clients by publishing the monetary results of other cases.  Jones & Jones, Attorneys at Law does not do that for several reasons.

First, publishing that you obtained $1,000,000.00 for a client on a case in and of itself means very little.  A fine trial lawyer was once asked what the easiest way is to get a $1,000,000.00 settlement.  His answer was to settle a case worth $3,000,000.00 for $1,000,000.00.  What is important is whether the lawyer is able to obtain justice and fair value for his or her clients in a particular case, not the amount of the past settlements in unrelated cases.

Second, we have not had a client who received a significant settlement that would not happily give back every penny of the settlement if, in return, they could have back the life they had before whatever tragedy resulted in them receiving the settlement.  They would much rather have their loved one that was killed or their ability to walk than the money they have been compensated.  There is something wrong with flashing the dollar amounts of their settlements in light of their losses.

Third, flashing big dollar settlements negatively impacts the general public’s feelings about plaintiffs and trial lawyers.  It plays into the hands of the so-called tort reformers who seem to be trying to throw away the keys to the courthouse for your average American and destroy the civil justice system.  It makes it easier to mock the civil justice system by claiming the victims are simply out for a big pay-day or attempting to win the lottery.  Again, most victims would gladly give back every penny to get their lives back.

That said, suffice it to say that over the last 27 years Chris Jones and Michelle Jones have succeeded in obtaining justice in a number of cases, sometimes in the form of significant dollar amounts.

Listed below are some of our notable litigation results:

  • Obtained confidential settlement for oilfield worker that fell from over 20 feet when operator’s platform fell off worker rig as a result of defective design of platform and lack of support.
  • Obtained confidential settlement for family of lady who died after she fell from a walker when one of walker’s wheels encountered a hole in parking lot.
  • Defended and resolved Wage and Hour claim against accounting firm.
  • Obtained settlement for injured motorcycle rider who struck limb that had fallen into road.
  • Obtained settlement in oilfield injury case for worker struck by pipe.
  • Obtained injunction in breach of contract, breach of confidentiality and trade secret theft case.
  • Defended collective action for home health company.
  • Obtained confidential settlement for family of resident against nursing home, after resident received serious burns ultimately causing her death.
  • Obtained confidential settlement against electric utility for painter electrocuted by utility electrical equipment.
  • Successfully helped major oil company in defending Business Dispute.
  • Defeated major drilling company’s Motion to Compel Arbitration of family of deceased employee’s claims.  Court of Appeals Opinion.
  • Defended and resolved Wage and Hour claim against oil field services company.
  • Obtained a confidential settlement for family of child who died from Naegleria fowleri (brain eating amoeba).
  • Obtained settlement in 18 wheeler trucking accident.
  • Obtained a confidential settlement for a young man who lost his arm when he contacted an electrical transmission line that was too low to meet the National Electric Safety Code.
  • Obtained confidential settlement for worker electrocuted in the oil field on a drilling rig.
  • Defended and resolved discrimination claim against small health care businesses.
  • Obtained confidential settlements in an age discrimination case for several workers of a major energy company.
  • Obtained confidential settlements in defective design and labeling cases against child restraint manufacturers  for families of children that died in crashes while using the restraints.
  • Successfully resolved claim against oil field services company involving non-compete agreements.
  • Successfully resolved partnership dispute involving significant home health care provider.
  • Obtained confidential settlements in automotive roof crush cases after the vehicles’ roofs crushed during rollover accidents, paralyzing our clients.
  • Obtained confidential settlement in oil field injury case after a pressurized line broke loose and injured several workers.
  • Obtained confidential settlements in automotive crashworthiness cases after clients were killed, paralyzed or severely brain-damaged when the vehicles’ doors came open during crashes.
  • Obtained confidential settlements in automotive crashworthiness cases involving defectively designed seat belts.
  • Obtained confidential settlements in automotive crashworthiness cases involving defectively designed sun roof allowing ejection of client’s husband.
  • Obtained confidential settlements in products liability case involving defective chainsaw that kicked back and partially decapitated client’s husband.
  • Obtained confidential settlements for clients who developed primary pulmonary hypertension after taking diet drugs.
  • Obtained confidential settlements for clients with heart valve damage after taking diet drugs.
  • Obtained confidential settlement against car manufacturer and its local dealer after salesman sexually assaulted client during a vehicle test drive.
  • Obtained confidential settlement in trucking case against trucking company even though accident report stated accident was client’s fault.

These results are in addition to the many personal injury,wrongful death, car accident, negligence cases and employment law matters handled on a daily basis.  We have handled cases involving the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations, National Electric Code, National Electric Safety Code, OSHA standards, Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards and Regulations and many other safety standards. Jones & Jones, Attorneys at Law has successfully handled injuries and deaths involving products liability, electrocution, oil field injury, 18 wheeler accidents,  truck accidents, crashworthiness,  workplace injuries,  negligence,  machine guarding, lock out, tag out, OSHA violations, and oil field injuries and deaths.

East Texas Attorneys Chris Jones is Board Certified in Personal Injury Trial Law by the Texas Board of Legal Specialization and Michelle Jones is Board Certified in Labor and Employment Law .  Please contact us, Jones & Jones, Attorneys at Law, at 888-236-4878 or contact us by email if you believe we may be able to help you.





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