Distracted Drivers Hurt People

Texas has taken a stand against Texting while Driving

Car and Trucking accidents caused by distracted drivers are in the media every day.  Those accidents that make the news are often the ones where people have died.  Texas’ new law will no doubt save lives.  If you have questions about the law, have discussed it in this post.

Following this one law it not enough.  There will still be many accidents caused by distracted driving.  NHTSA has a entire page dedicated to distracted driving.

Many of our clients, even before cell phones were victims of distracted drivers.  For whatever reasons, driving is the last thing on the mind of many drivers.  They are thinking about work, what they will eat when they get home, the fact that they are running late, etc.  In our fast paced world, it has become necessary for us to multitask.  That’s great, except when you are driving.

When things go bad while you are driving, those bad things happen fast. Failure to focus on your driving can cause the bad thing – ” I didn’t see the stop sign” or  “I didn’t realize the cars in front of my were stopped for construction” and can affect your ability to react to someone or something else.

Think about the steps that must take from the time of the bad thing to hopefully avoiding it.

  1. The brain has to perceive the bad thing,
  2. The brain has to decide how to respond to the bad thing,
  3. Your brain has to tell you muscles what to do,
  4. The muscles have to respond,
  5. The mechanical device  (brakes, steering wheel) has to respond to the input from the muscles.

The point is a lot of things have to happen when things go bad while driving, and whether someone is hurt depends on a lot of things, but the one thing you can control is how focused you are on your driving.  If you are interested in the details, take a look at this article.

So, when you are driving, drive.  It seems like a simple and mundane task, but it is one that can kill or seriously injure you or someone else.

And in the unfortunate event you are in a car wreck or truck wreck caused by a distracted driver, please give us a call at 903)236-4990.

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