Airbag Recall

Takata air bag recall

Does the Takata airbag recall apply to your vehicle?  You can use NHTSA’s Recalls Lookup by VIN using your Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) to find out.  NHTSA has a  Recalls Spotlight concerning the Takata airbag recall that has additional important information concerning the recalls, including a list of affected vehicles.

If your vehicle is subject to a recall, you should  contact your dealer as soon as possible to make an appointment to get it fixed.  All recalls are serious.

Hopefully, you and your family have not been hurt because of the recalled airbags.  If you have been injured, please see our personal injury blog posts on Defective Products, Products Liability.  You should immediately obtain control of your vehicle. The defective product (in this case the vehicle and its airbags) is important evidence in a products liability case.  Do not dispose, alter, or in any way spoil the defective product as evidence if you are considering legal action.

The history of the Takata airbag defects and recalls is troubling. According to Transportation Secretary Anthony Foxx, “for years, Takata has built and sold defective products, refused to acknowledge the defect, and failed to provide full information to NHTSA, its customers, or the public.”  He also said “the result of that delay and denial has harmed scores of consumers and caused the largest, most complex safety recall in history…”  Please refer to the Timeline of NHTSA Actions if you are interested in the history of the recalls.

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