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Business and Commercial Law covers a number of legal matters. Business law not only applies to large corporations, it can also impact the operation of small businesses.  There are many laws, state and federal, that apply to businesses of all sizes.  There are too many to list on this webpage, but there are a couple of resources that may help you get started.  The Small Business Administration has a website (Learn About Business Law & Regulations)  to help small businesses understand which requirements apply their businesses.  If your concern is for the safety of your employees, another resource is the Occupational Safety and Health Administration website along with the OSHA’s Law and Regulations page .

In Texas specifically, there is a Business and Commerce Code and a Business Organizations Code, along with many other laws and regulations.  As employers, there are also Texas laws applicable to businesses.   Texas has several websites to help Texas businesses – Texas Workforce Commission Information for Businesses and Employers, Texas Workforce Commission Employment Law  and  Texas Workers Compensation Resources.

These resources are simply informational and do not substitute for having a business lawyer advise your business specifically.

In addition to business law matters involving Labor and Employment Law, Jones & Jones, Attorneys at Law  handles civil litigation involving contract disputes, oil and gas litigation, and other business disputes.

The firm also counsels businesses in a number of matters ranging from the most basic contracts to the most complex purchase and sale transactions.

Business lawyers can help you and your company navigate the legal mine field of laws and regulations applicable to your business.   We believe in helping a company succeed, and helping to identify and protect the company against risks.

Michelle Jones has successfully handled business law matters for over 24 years.  Please see Michelle’s Employment Law Blog and Firm Successes.

If you need attorney, please do not hesitate to call East Texas business lawyer, Michelle Jones, Longview, Texas at 888-236-4878 or  send us a message at Contact Us.

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